Posted: 26/05/2021

Hart District Council launches Shapley Heath garden communities’ survey and website

Hart District Council is launching a major consultation in the form of a communities’ survey. It is exploring the potential to build a new garden community in the Winchfield and Murrell Green area, with the working title Shapley Heath. The survey runs from 26 May through to 5 July and is supported by a new project website –

Cllr Graham Cockarill, Cabinet Member for Place at Hart District Council, said: “We’re pleased to launch an important consultation. The communities’ survey gives residents a voice and a chance to share their views and ideas on a range of topics.”

He added, “We will also launch a project website that helps residents learn more about the Shapley Heath project and stay connected to the latest news and information. At this stage, we are only exploring the possibility of creating a new community as part of the long-term housing strategy for Hart. However, we think the results from this survey, and future consultations, will be invaluable, even if Shapley Heath doesn’t progress to its build stage.”

Hart District Council joined the Government’s Garden Communities Programme in June 2019, receiving £150,000 in funding. A new garden community could provide Hart with a long-term, sustainable housing solution of up to 5,000 homes (including a significant proportion of affordable homes). The garden community could also create job opportunities, accessible green spaces, sustainable transport options, community infrastructure (such as schools and health centres), and a plan for long-term stewardship of community assets.

The Garden Community Programme was created by the Ministry for Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) to help meet demand for new homes in England. Garden communities are intended to create new housing, infrastructure, jobs and services within sustainable communities.