Posted: 07/07/2021

Shapley Heath communities’ survey closes with 1,197 responses

Hart District Council wishes to thank residents and businesses in the district for completing the Shapley Heath communities’ survey, which closed at 4 pm on Monday 5 July. A total of 1,197 responses were collected.

The analysis work will begin, with results to be published in the autumn. The survey results will help to shape the vision and objectives for the project.

The purpose of the survey was to explore the opportunity of a new garden community at Shapley Heath – asking about the key aspects that make an exceptional community.

The information collected from this survey, and all other work on the Garden Community project, will be considered alongside other potential development options in the future review of the Local Plan. It is at the Local Plan review stage residents have an opportunity to comment on their preferred development options as part of the formal consultation process.

The Minister for Housing, the Rt Hon Christopher Pincher MP, wrote to us on 4 June to commend our work exploring a new garden community with up to 5,000 homes, as part of our long-term housing strategy. The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) awarded an additional £130,000 to the Shapley Heath Garden Village project, highlighting the benefits that new infrastructure and community amenities could bring to the area. Read the press release announcing the funding award.