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We are here to answer questions you might have about the Shapley Heath Garden Community project. If we haven’t answered your question here, please send it to us from our Contact us page

How do we take account of climate change in a Garden Community?

Future proofing is one of the key principles of garden communities. They are designed to be resilient places that allow for the impacts of climate change. The local community will have a key role in the process of assessing the Shapley Heath Garden Community opportunity through the Stakeholder Forum and community engagement activities.

Will a new Garden Community risk joining up to Fleet, Hook or Hartley Wintney?

It is important to consider what is appropriate for the area and that any new community works well as a place in its own right.

As part of the exploration of a potential Garden Community, we will look at how and exactly where the Garden Community could be located, within the area under consideration, whilst respecting the uniqueness of the towns and villages that surround it.

Has there been any thought given to employment and skills already?

Yes, providing local employment and opportunities for skills development is vital for a thriving garden community. A new garden community in Hart could create many new jobs (and not just in construction). We are working with a wide range of experts in the Stakeholder Forum to make sure those opportunities could be realised if the project goes ahead.

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