Project Plan and Governance

We are here to answer questions you might have about the Shapley Heath Garden Community project. If we haven’t answered your question here, please send it to us from our Contact us page

What is the timetable for deciding on whether the Shapley Heath Community Garden will go forward?
There are stage gates in the project that determine whether we will continue exploring the possibility of a Garden Community. As you can see on the ‘Our Story’ page, if we proceed to Phase 2 of the project, this is likely to be in March 2022.
What are the proposed next steps and timescale to progress the project?

A Landowner Forum, Stakeholder Forum thematic groups, and a steering group have been set up. Our communities’ survey has also been launched alongside this dedicated project website.
An outline of the project timeline can be seen on our ‘Our Story’ page.

How can we voice objection to a Garden Community?

We will be consulting through surveys, online feedback, events (including events with schools and young people), focus groups, and workshops. We want to make sure that everyone has the chance to share their concerns, thoughts and ideas.
In addition, we receive invaluable feedback from our Stakeholder Forum thematic groups which are inclusive and have people representing organisations with reservations about the project and its potential impact on the district. A wide range of organisations are represented on these Stakeholder Forum thematic groups, providing a wide range of skills, expertise and knowledge, which will be vital to help us fully explore the opportunity.

How involved is the Council in this Garden Community Project?

The Garden Community project is a council run project, led by the Garden Community Opportunity Board which is chaired by the Portfolio Holder (Councillor) for Place

Additionally, we have a small team who help facilitate the project and a wider range of specialist officers who provide their technical expertise in several different ways including being represented on the Stakeholder Forum thematic groups, alongside community groups, interest groups and other public sector organisations such as the County Council and Natural England.

As the Council does and will continue to work within its community, its presence as stakeholders accords with the spirit of the project. As the Cabinet are the ultimate decision-making body for this project, no conflict of interest arises.

How are topics split between the Thematic Groups?
Home Icon

Homes and Heritage

  • Housing mix and design
  • Heritage and design guides
Community and Wellbeing Icon

Community and Wellbeing

  • Community identity and services
  • Employment opportunities
  • Community cohesion
Sustainable Transport Icon

Sustainable Transport

  • Integrated and sustainable transport
  • Modal shift
Green Spaces Icon

Green Spaces

  • Green infrastructure
  • Leisure and play
  • Ecology and biodiversity
Future Proofing Icon

Future Proofing

  • Resilience to climate change
  • Positive response to changing circumstances
  • Innovation and technology

Many topics are relevant to and will be considered by multiple Thematic Groups.

Will we be able to see the minutes from the meetings?
The minutes from all the groups shown in the structure shown under our Governance page, will be published on the Council’s website.

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