Project Update – September 2021

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Why has the Shapley Heath Garden Community project been paused?
At the Cabinet meeting on Thursday 2 September, Members unanimously agreed to the preparation of a range of business cases which may deliver savings, as part of the Medium-Term Financial Strategy for the Council.

It was agreed as part of this debate, that an additional business case be explored to bring forward the next revision of the Local Plan.

While it is being considered, all activities on the Shapley Heath Garden Community Project will pause until the business case for the review of the Local Plan is brought back to November’s Cabinet meeting. You can read the statement on the project website.

The meetings for the Opportunity Board, Landowners Forum, and Stakeholder Forum (the thematic groups and steering group), and therefore the publication of the baseline studies and the summary report for the Communities’ Survey, will be postponed until a decision is made regarding the business case for the Local Plan review.

When are the baseline studies, strategy reports, and the Communities' Survey results going to be published?
The Shapley Heath Garden Community Opportunity Board (SHGCOB) was due to review these reports, ahead of publication.

As Cabinet has decided to pause the Garden Community project until the business case for the review of the Local Plan is brought back to Cabinet in November, the SHGCOB meeting has been postponed (along with the Stakeholder and Landowner Forum meetings).

Once Cabinet has considered whether to bring forward the revision of the Local Plan Review, the appropriate governance structure can be confirmed (be that Local Plan or Garden Community) for review of the reports and their publication.

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